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We Are Business and Technology Problem Solvers!

Want to focus on your business rather than IT distractions? From Desktop Support, to Networking, to Remote Access, Hunt for Solutions can help take the pain of IT away.

Help retain your valued staff and improve morale by letting us remove IT frustrations.

We Love Non-Profits!

Non-profit Agencies are a special class of business. Often dependant on donations and government funding there is a constant struggle to provide services while balancing that with the restraint of tight resources. Hunt For Solutions has experience in negotating with vendors to find the best deals for non-profits and keep them running.


Help Desk


AI is here and your competitors are probably using it. ChatGPT and other products are being used to crank out social media posts, articles, graphics, grant proposals, and more. AI can save time so your team can work on fund-raising and other tasks. Hunt for Solutions can guide you to which AI tools to use, and how to use them.


When your team has the right technical skills, they are happier and get more done. That's a win-win. We can provide training on Microsoft Office, general computer use, cell phones, video conferencing such as Zoom and Teams, and more. We are also happy to provide training material to new hires to help them get started.



Office Setup and Moves

Computers and systems don't move themselves. At least not yet. Until they do, Hunt For Solutions is happy to help, take them down, move them where they need to go, and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. And make sure the computers, printers, Internet, and other equipment is working as it should.

Custom Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can be your friend. When they are setup right. No need for you to learn formulas or programming. Tell us what you want them to do, and we can make it happen. Let Hunt For Solutions help make your job easier.


Help Desk

Help Desk

Computers don't always do what they are supposed to do, and that's when people need support. On-site, or remotely, the Hunt for Solutions team can diagnose and resolve issues that our customers are having.

Work Anywhere

More people work outside of traditional office space than ever before. Whether working at home, at a client site, or elsewhere today's workforce needs to be productive from wherever they are. Hunt For Solutions can recommend, setup, and manage what remote workers need to get their job done.

Work From Home


Networking and Security

Most businesses have networks. All networks need security. Hunt for Solutions can maintain the equipment and servers currently on your network, or recommend replacements. We do not sell equipment, so our opinions are unbiased with the goal of finding the right solution at the best price. Routers, firewalls, network switches, WiFi access points and other technology are all areas where we can assist.

Virtual IT Dept and Management

Most companies need IT support. But not all companies need full-time IT assistance. Hunt for Solutions can work with you to provide the support you need. No more no less.

Virtual IT Dept
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